November 5, 2013

the tree that is not there.

I just need space to be sad,
lonely whispers into the gray rimmed room.
she turns her face to the window
that is not there and closes her eyes
to the tree that is not there and
touches the ground that is not there
and weeps. in her mind, it is summer.
in her mind, it only rains when
tight-lipped white-lipped women
sleep. water keeps company with moon,
dulling the pounding of rain on roof.
she breathes synonymous with the tide to the
ocean that is not there. and sleeps.
in her mind, there are seagulls.
when she wakes, there is a door.


  1. beautiful, the words, and the picture. it's all so perfect.


  2. ohhhh, hannah. this is so beautiful and wonderful.

  3. this is really sad. i really like it, but i hope when you wake up, you see seagulls. and a shore.

  4. feels. I like this very much, and the photo accompanying it is perfect.

  5. This is so beautiful Hannah! Really touching but also challenging and inspirational, sometimes we just need to get up and walk through that door.

  6. your words are so beautiful, hannah. thinking of you <3

  7. this is beautiful, hannah. so sad; melancholy, but absolutely beautiful. i like the way you think. xx

  8. This is amazing. Inspiring. Also, love the photo.

  9. this is tragically beautiful.

  10. Anonymous13.11.13

    So sick of your hipster storytelling bullshit. Every time you try to become more "real and honest" it comes across as tiresome and typical.

    1. Anonymous20.12.13

      bulls**t? really? come on...can you really bend that low? I for one didn't read anything "tiresome and typical".

  11. Anonymous14.11.13

    There are some labels that society has taped across our mouths and hands, and hipster is one of them. But there are also some people who constantly tear away from the labels because the words that flow out comes directly from their heart and mind. It's 'real and honest' to them. You, the reader, may not have it in you to understand and appreciate the honest beauty behind such stories -- but should the writer stop expressing themselves in a way they love just to satisfy you? That is called commercialism, and it's another one of those labels we need to break from. Few of us really do, but Hannah is a wonderful exception.

  12. gosh, you had my heart :)