March 8, 2013

the shape of this week.

slipped in a few photos from the summer between wintry ones.
so strange to look in the backyard to see snow deep on the frostbitten earth, and think, in a few weeks,
there will be grass again.
peeking up.
poking through the memory of last year's winter.
barrenness broken for spring.

it's a beautiful thought.

for now, I dream of summer days and nights under the stars and (yes) freckles again.
a few lists. (number twenty four to thirty four)

have a friday filled with wonder.
ti amo. h

the shape of this week.

rings of old tea in nearly empty mugs.
running under clear sky.
homemade food.

the color of this week.

grey skies and swatches of blue (a watercolor).
red floral fabric.
black and white keys and sandy paper cups of coffee.

the sound of this week.

film scores.
running water running feet running music.
first words of what summer could be.

what i love about march.

fresh air.
song in the air or the presence of birds.
buds and green and life springing out of this white world.
unthawing and growth.
a small week of rest (spring break).
going outside without a coat (shhh).
making iced drinks again.
beginnings of plans.
evening light growing longer (ahhhh).
walks in the brisk spring air.
newness of thought and the world like a poem.

silly and or simple things i'm good at.

making this sweet & sour chicken (that's naturally gluten free!)
reading doctor seuss' tongue twister story to the littles perfectly all the way through.
...or almost perfectly.
quoting movies and slipping words from books into everyday conversation.
rocking mismatched socks.
drinking tea.
cheat on your neighbor (dutch blitz played with real cards)

and on the flip side, things I'm not good at.

making up riddles on the spot.
puzzles (the on the table kind).
cooking macaroni.
going to bed early.
saying no to dessert.

i'm craving.

going barefoot again.
the cabin, the lake, an adventure to be had.
the absence of coats.
plane terminals and being caught between sky and land.
vegetables from the garden.

i can't get enough of.

roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic, topped with caramelized walnuts and feta.
film scores.
summer days and old photos.
dark chocolate covered acai berries.

always thankful for but even more so this week.

good friends
cinnamon dolce lattes
afternoons spent in song
fresh groceries and little boys to get groceries.
coincidentally, mini carts that the littles can push around.
the beauty of beginnings (small and large).
weddings, coming up.
plane tickets and trips already planned.
salted caramel chocolates from trader joes

words i love.

gut (specifically following yours).


  1. such beautiful words and photographs. can't get enough of them ;) so good.

  2. Beautiful + wonderful pictures and words, Hannah. :)

  3. hannie, you have NO idea how happy these posts make me. :) what i'm loving about this month is the fact that it's finally warm enough to open the windows. pure bliss!

    have an AWESOME friday. :D

  4. I just love that first image, the self-portrait. Lovely composition!

  5. your gorgeous. your heart, your words, everything. <3

  6. I love everything about this post. The pictures, the lists, the words; all the glimpses into your beautiful heart.


  7. woah you already get shorts here? Lucky ducky:)

  8. I saw those bare toes and thought, "wow! that snow melted FAST." I'm sorry it's not the case... We have had wonderfully warm weather this week after a cold, cold winter, but I hear that snow is forecast again. Boohoohoo! Love that first picture, all that beautifulness in the middle of unorganized life. :) Happy March, friend!

  9. i am such a huge fan of those lists you make. i've been making them in my journals for the longest time, so it's cool to read yours. :)

  10. love those beautiful lists! and those photos are absolutely gorgeous. i love b&w...

    [ i want to be friends ]

  11. The definition of these photographs is astounding. The film grain is definitely a major plus, too. It's difficult to describe my love for your photographs in words.
    Your summer frames capture me and my heart - I'm grey with the length of this winter.

  12. That first picture of're just so cute ;)

  13. Ohh, I love black and white's! And your lists. x

  14. A pang of nostalgia ran through me as I scrolled through these photos. I miss the warmth & the laziness & the pure joy of summer. Can't wait to embrace those wonderful, sunny days again!
    I made that EXACT SAME sweet & sour chicken last week! It's the best ever!! :D

  15. I like your lists so much. They are so fun and honest (I like that word too).
    Tea is amazing.
    So is March.
    So are mismatching socks.
    I am craving going barefoot as well.
    You are an amazing writer.

  16. love this. missing summer!

  17. Loely lists, Hannah. I especially like the last one. Words are the best! :)

  18. Film scores...can't get enough of them either! Love the list :)

  19. I've been loving your blogs more and more lately. I don't want to just repeat what everyone else says and sound like a broken record, but your work is refreshing and intriguing and simple all at once. It makes me a bit happier to see you've posted.
    I've been loving film scores lately too, especially the music from Sherlock. It's so beautiful.

  20. agree, agree, agree ^^.
    and i love your black and whites, especially the shadow on the house. gorgeous.
    oh, and your writing. i've mentioned how it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, right?

  21. just these photographs alone are enough to make me burst into tears.

  22. ps i am in love with the 'Lately Loving' gadget on your side bar! I can't get enough of it. :))

  23. Add this to your score list:
    You're welcome.

  24. Awwww, I love these posts. :) love the B&W's. :)

  25. this does my soul so much good

  26. you had me at film scores.

  27. Love the lists for your week, so beautiful and creative!

  28. and here i was thinking i was the only person around who still used the word 'rad' on a regular basis ;) glad i found you + vice versa -- love your little essays. xx

  29. Okay, so, Hannah, you're simply gorgeous, and your eyes have always been something that have held me under a spell. Every time you post a set of black and whites I feel a little bit like I'm dying because they're so beautiful. And this post is wonderful.

  30. Love when you post your lists of favorites, Hannah. Simply beautiful and inspiring. Blessings!! <3

  31. I love black and white shots, they're all so beautiful