December 20, 2012

cookie dough, life, and all that good stuff.

Echinacea tea with lemon and honey has been my staple the past few days, as I'm suffering from a nasty cold that has made it all but impossible to get up from the couch. As a result, I've been watching oodles of old episodes of Full House (guilty pleasure right there, folks) and eating dark chocolate peppermint bark. Being sick has messed up my plans the past few days, but I'm learning to see the good in the midst of the gritty and not so glamorous. Good things like my brother coming up to pray for me, having time to daydream and write and plan for 2013, much hot tea, taking a breather, and catching up on sleep. Little things matter.

We're all a bit under the weather right now, but I'm thankful that we've caught a bug this week and not next. Thankful that it's nothing so serious. Thankful for hot drinks, silly old TV shows, and flannel blankets. And thankful for ample bags of gluten free flour for Christmas cookies.

Merry almost Christmas!