April 18, 2012

branding // image collages + brand boards

All images via pinterest and properly credited on their respective boards
I've got a couple changes planned in the next few weeks that I'm preeetty excited about. They involve a couple turning points, crazy (exciting) opportunities, and a new outlook + purpose. Part of that also includes a rebrand, and I thought it would be fun to share my brand board with you all! I've never taken the time to really brand myself, so it's proved a frustrating, difficult, but overall enjoyable challenge. It's easy for me to connect with my clients, but figuring out my own brand is something that I've struggled with, simply because it's myself. I've been collecting images on my brand board on pinterest, and finally made a collage out of some of the images.

I've found that it's easier to identify pervading themes and connect with the overall feel if the images are together. So while I love boards on pinterest, the turning point for me is always assembling the images into a collage. It's almost a light bulb moment, because it's so fun to see how everything flows concisely and the overarching style permeates the images. After that, I like to examine the board and ask myself what I like about the images and what are the similarities that each individual photo has.

Once that's happened, I'll start drafting a design -- sometimes going right at it in photoshop, othertimes, sketching and mapping it all out on paper. After the design is finished (or, mostly, finished), it's on to coding + little tweaks and changes until the site is just how I want it. Sometimes the process takes a couple weeks, other times, a month or so, and needless to say, it's taken a bit longer for myself. But the process is crazy gratifying!

So, I thought it would be fun to get a brand board link up going! Look at your blog and collect some images that you think describe YOU, make a collage, and link it up. I want to see what makes YOU tick and I'm excited to see images + words that shout your style. It can be simple or elaborate, long or short, color orientated or black and white, image based or mostly text, as long as it describes who you are. Can't wait to see! Have fun! x

feel free to link up anytime...there's no end date. :)