August 23, 2011

three six five

sixty six
[66/365] worship.
sixty seven
[67/365] corncakes off the skillet
sixty eight
[68/365] flowers...
sixty nine
[69/365] selfie.
[70/365] oreck!
seventy one
[71/365] freshly baked cookies.
seventy two
[72/365] freshly sauted zucchini.
seventy three
[73/365] outtake.
seventy four
[74/365] boppy's grapevines.
seventy five
[75/365] sammy boy.
The past week has been a cross between a flurry of preparations and a final goodbye to sweet summer days. School doesn't officially start till after labor day, but there's so much to do before then that it already feels like summer has slipped on by. Truthfully, I'm ready for fall. I'm an Autumn girl, through and through. Red leaves drifting lazily, the crisp feel in the air, hot apple cider in mugs, warm fall jackets paired with skinny jeans and boots, and the feeling of being fully alive -- I love it all. What are you most looking forward to come September? And like every week, which photo is your favorite?