August 12, 2011

love letters

Dear summer,
I really love you and wish that you weren't ending in less than a month.
Labor Day never looked gloomier.
Summer campouts, smores by the bonfire, laughter, late-night talks, gatherings with friends, even the mosquitoes! I love it all.
Okay, maybe not the mosquitoes.

Dear mosquitoes,
I wish you'd die. The end.

Dear little boy who is soaked with water from the sprinkler,
I love you. That's all.

Dear black and white photos,
I've forgotten how much I've missed you.

Dear summer dinners + fresh produce,
I really love you. And by love, I mean, really really really love you. Cheap store-bought veggies pale in comparison. Although, in retrospect, they're anything but cheap. Five bucks for a bunch of mushy, flavorless tomatoes or fresh, ruby red tomatoes from the garden, free of charge.
I'll take my pick.

Dear garden,
We're really loving your fruit. And by fruit, I mean veggies.
And by veggies, I mean tomatoes, beans, and onions.
Especially the onions.
(we're weird like that)

Dear feet that hurt really bad from ballet,
I have nothing to say to you.

Dear eli,
I love your scrinched up nose, freckly face, and big blue eyes. You make me smile.
I love being your big sister. I love watching you grow up.
Your stories and silliness are some of my favorite things.
I love how you're goofy one moment, then sweet the next,
and then a mischevious little stinker,
who makes me laugh laugh laugh (and repeat myself)
Even though you say "how about three?" when I tell you I'll read you one book.
(And then I end up reading two, because, well, I love you)

Dear sprinkler photos,
I'm sorry. I just can't get enough of you.

Dear Woodland,
I miss you.

Dear Dear,
Dear is kind of a quaint funny old word...but I like it.

Dear life,
You're my fav. I pretty much love you.

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