August 24, 2010

Lovely Photo Wednesday - Come and join in the fun!

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire
I've seen all the Wordless Wednesday threads and link-ups floating around everywhere, so I thought, (or rather, my brilliant mother gave me the idea) of creating Aspire's own Wordless Wednesday. Now how's that for fun?!

So as I like to be spur of the moment (not really; I just couldn't wait to get this up and share it with all of you) today will be the first link up of Lovely Photo Wednesday! (the abbreviated form is much too long, so Lovely Photo Wednesday it is!)

So grab a button and link up! Put in a photo of yours that you've just fallen in love with, or maybe one that has a hilarious, side-splitting back story to it. Be as wordy or as silent as you wanna be. You can even be a rebel and have no title.

Ooh. Dared you. Up to the challenge? Kudos to you if you actually brave the lands of blogging-without-a-blog-post-title!

But seriously, join in! The more the merrier! And before I forget, here's my own submission. From Eli's birthday (a post on that coming soon, friends-o-mine!)
Blowing out the Candles

And since I'm so excited for this (can't you tell?)...I'm opening up the link-up tonight! Remember to bloghop around and check out the other entries! Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Ciao, lovelies. Cookies for the no-titled posters. And I mean it. Metaphorical cookies, of course.